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VENTURI 400 TROPHY from 1992

Eligible for the 90's Endurance Legends - Gt Classic in France, and the Master Endurance Legends (6 Hours of Spa in 2017 then 6 races in 2018)

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A rare car with an excellent reputation ...

The Venturi 400 Trophy is a rare French car. Only 73 examples were built from 1992 to 1994.

With more than 400 horsepower, a chassis designed by the engineer who designed and developed the chassis of Courage successfully entered in the 24 hours of Le Mans, the Venturi 400 Trophy is a well-born car.


The Venturi trophy for which it was developed has also been very popular with Gentlemen drivers.


The car's balance, excellent road holding and the power delivered by the turbocharged 3-liter PRV engine seduced the Venturi 400 Trophy riders. It quickly enjoyed an excellent reputation. Even today its intrinsic qualities seduce drivers who are lucky enough to be able to drive a 400 Trophy on the circuit.


... whose interest is only growing

A new element has reinforced the interest of this car: The launch in 2014 of new series of races and demonstrations such as the 90's GT Legends at Silverstone Classic, Spa classic; the big price  of the Golden Age, the GT Classic Championship in France and finally the Master Endurance legends which begins in 2017 with a race during the 6 hours of Spa and offers no less than 6 races in 2018 on the most beautiful European circuits.

These events open up exciting new perspectives  to the lucky owners of racing GTs from the 90s who will now be able to enter their cars in leading events. Given the rarity of the 400 Trophy, its ease of use and maintenance, it is a model on which more and more informed collectors are seeking to position themselves ...

The 400 Trophy no 57 from Ascott Collection

The Ascott Collection Venturi 400 Trophy is the car that was exhibited at the Paris Motor Show in 1992. It is the 57th 400 Trophy produced by the factory. She took part in the Venturi challenge in 1992 and in 1993 piloted by Pierre Regnault.


From 1993 to 2006 it was kept in a collection and hardly ever rolled. In 2006 it was acquired by a French gentleman driver who took part in a number of driving events such as LM Story at Le Mans, Sport and Collection at Vigeant. At that time the carbon brake discs which were not very effective were advantageously replaced by steel discs.


Sold by Ascott Collection in 2015, this Venturi 400 Trophy took part in several rounds of the GT Classic in France driven by its owner  where it has shown itself to be very reliable and competitive.

In 2016, the two turbos were completely revised, the bevel gear was replaced, the gearbox was completely revised (two new dogs and the report of the 2nd new). The gearbox has received a radiator and has been reinforced. The total of the invoices amounts to 7,000 €.

She's ready to run.


Price: 160,000 €


Technical characteristics


: 400 Trophy

: 1992

: 0057

: Monohull

: Kevlar Carbon 

: PRV 3 liters Double Turbo

: 407 hp. @ 7,200 rpm

: Hewland

: 1020 kg




Chassis No.







Eligibility (click on the link)
90's Endurance Legends Silverstone Classic
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