1988 TIGA GC288


  • Great racing history: Le Mans 24 hours in 1989 and 1992
  • Never crashed
  • Body off restoration completed in 2017
  • Really ready to race: Crack test done, fuel cell done. Takes part of the Group C serie race this year
  • Eligible for Group C Serie, Daytona 24 h classic, Le Mans Classic
A very competitive Group C2

Deceivingly diminutive, the Tiga Group C and IMSA GTP cars were blisteringly quick; in 1985, Gordon Spice and Ray Bellm won the inaugural Group C2 championship with a four-cylinder engined example. To broaden the market for the cars, company founder and chief designer Howden Ganley created an altogether bigger Tiga for the 1986 season. It was dubbed the GC286 or GT286 depending on whether it was built to Group C2 or IMSA Lights specification.


The new-for-1986 Tiga was built around a particularly strong aluminium honeycomb monocoque chassis. With an eye on maximising the size of the ground-effect tunnels, the suspension was in-board at the front and rear. A choice of engines was available with the Cosworth DFL V8 and the Buick V6 the most popular choices for Group C2 or IMSA Light use respectively. Mated to a Hewland five-speed gearbox, most engines could be used as semi-stressed members of the chassis. The 1986 was clothed in a straightforward carbon-fibre composite body.

Ironically one of the new Tiga's biggest rivals was another new car, built by former Tiga racer Gordon Spice. Built to a higher standard, the GC286/GT286 Tiga was more expensive than the comparable Spice. Nevertheless, ten cars were sold and delivered in 1986. Faced with works Spice and Ecurie Ecosse teams, the privately run Tigas struggled in Group C2. In the United States, the cars were more successful with a total of four wins.


For 1987, Ganley modified the existing design detail and a further five cars were constructed. A single victory in Group C2 was scored, while Tigas also struggled in the American IMSA Series. There was more success in 1988 when the Essex Racing fielded, Buick powered Tiga won the IMSA Lights Championship. By that time, Ganley had already sold the company. Without his driving force, the small manufacturer struggled and closed shop within two years. Recently, the Tiga name was dusted off with a plan to return to Le Mans.​

On the button - Ready to race

The second of three new Tiga sports racers built for the 1988 season, this was one of two Group C2 specification machines delivered to the Italian Kelmar Racing team. It was shared by Pasquale Barbeiro and Vito Veninata for most of the 1988 season. The best result came in the final round when Veninato was joined by Ranieri Randaccio and finished third in class in the Fuiji 1000 km race.

Now fielded under the Porto Kaleo Team banner, it was raced from the Dijon round of the World Championship including in the 1989 24 Hours of Le Mans where an electric issue ended the charge early.

Not used in 1990, it returned to the fray the following season still with Italian drivers but now racing under British colours by The Berkeley Team.

In 1992, it was raced again at Le Mans but a transmission issue ended the charge early. Retired at the end of the year from contemporary racing, it has more recently been acquired by a French historic racer.
Chassis 366 has been restored to its 1992 Le Mans configuration and colors.The cost of the restoration is 140.000 €. Invoices are available.

The car is absolutely ready to race. Fuel cell and crack test have been done in 2016. 

For its first appearance in Peter Auto Group C, it finished 3rd in Group C2.
This Tiga GC288 is a very easy Group C to handle and a lots of fun to drive.
It is offered for sale and it is ready to compete in Sebring Classic, Daytona Classic, the Group C serie and Le Mans Classic 2018.

Racing history

Brno 360 Kilometres Grand Prix ČSSR, Mistrovství Světa Sportovních Prototypů  10.7.1988

Driven by: Maurizio Gellini (I)/Ranieri Randaccio (I)         Result: did not finish (Engine)

Grid: 17th (2:13.180)

Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres         Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres  24.7.1988

Driven by: Ranieri Randaccio (I)/Maurizio Gellini (I)/Vito Veninata (I)

listed, never drove: Pasquale Barberio (I), Giovanni Lavaggi (I)     Result: 9th

Grid: 19th (1:30.850)


Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres 24.7.1988

Driven by: Ranieri Randaccio (I)/Maurizio Gellini (I)/Vito Veninata (I)

listed, never drove: Pasquale Barberio (I), Giovanni Lavaggi (I)  Result: 9th

Grid: 19th (1:30.850)


Nürburgring 1000 Kilometres Journal ADAC 1000 km Der Nürburgring 4.9.1988

Driven by: Maurizio Gellini (I)/Ranieri Randaccio (I)            Result: did not finish (Electrics)

Grid: 20th (1:36.320)

Sandown 360 Kilometres      Lucas Supersprint FIA World Sports Prototype Championship Sandown 20.11.1988

Driven by: Stefano Sebastiani (I)/Ranieri Randaccio (I)      Result: 8th

Grid: 13th (1:37.410)

World Sports Prototype Championship Dijon        Coupe de Dijon 21.5.1989

​Driven by: Pasquale Barberio (I)/Ranieri Randaccio (I)     Result: did not finish (Driver fatigue)

Grid: 32nd (1:16.741)


Le Mans 24 Hours     24 Heures du Mans  11.6.1989

Driven by: Stefano Sebastiani (I)/Vito Veninata (I)/Robin Smith (GB)

listed, never drove: Ranieri Randaccio (I), Pasquale Barberio (I)    Result: did not finish (Electrics)

Grid: 51st (3:48.270) - 53rd fastest qualifier


World Sports Prototype Championship Brands Hatch      WSPC - Brands Hatch Trophy 23.7.1989

​Driven by: Vito Veninata (I)/Stefano Sebastiani (I) Result: did not qualify

Grid: 37th (1:27.328) - 40th fastest qualifier

Le Mans 24 Hours     24 Heures du Mans 21.6.1992

Driven by: Vito Veninata (I)/Stefano Sebastiani (I)/Ranieri Randaccio (I)

listed, never drove: Maurizio Gellini (I), Robin Smith (GB)           Result: did not finish (Transmisison)

Grid: 26th (4:12.665)

Interserie Zolder        Internationale AvD - EG - Troophy Zolder 9.8.1992

Driven by: Maurizio Gellini (I)        Result: 5th - Heat 1: 8th ; Heat 2: 9th

Grid: 10th (1:41.650)

Interserie Most          Mezinárodní závody automobilů, Interserie 30.8.1992

Driven by: Maurizio Gellini (I)        Result: 10th - Heat 1: 10th ; Heat 2: 9th

Grid: 13th (1:28.658)

3rd in C2 at Spa Classic 2017 (1st place Laurent Faure in TIGA C2)


Source: http://www.ultimatecarpage.com/

Price on request

Technical specifications




Chassis number








: GC288

: 1988

: 366

: Aluminium unibody and honeycomb

: Fibre  

: Cosworth 3,3 litre DFL

: 490 HP @ 10 000 rpm

: Hewland 5 speeds

: 760 kg

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