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  • A rare GT2R, the ultimate upgrade of the 993 GT2

  • Certainly the most original 993 GT2

  • The last air-cooled Porsche GT2

  • An iconic Art Car painted by the artist Peter Klasen

  • The 1999 GT FFSA Champion, having been driven by JP Jarier 

  • A car with a well-known, well-documented history

  • Authenticity certified by Porsche
















993 GT2R



Chassis number





PORSCHE 3.8 l twin ignition M64.84810 


570 CH. @ 7,000 RPM


PORSCHE 6 speed

In the mid-90s, the "Grand Touring" world came to life, with the creation of the GT1 and GT2 categories. The former quickly became genuine prototypes in disguise, with the pinnacle of the Porsche lineage being the 911 GT1 which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1998. As for the GT2s, the links with production models were stronger. Based on the Porsche 911 Turbo - which it took the majority of its components from - the 911 GT2 type 993 succeeded the 964 and its Carrera and Carrera RS versions. It existed in GT2 and then GT2 Evo versions, and even in the very rare GT2 Evo 2 version, like the car now being offered for sale by Ascott Collection.


The birth of the Porsche 911 GT2 and GT2 Evo

In 1993 the GTs returned to the 24 Hours of Le Mans (which they had been banished from since 1985) and the enthusiasm for the category was at its peak: there was no shortage of constructors with plans to build a GT, and the same went for private firms. Porsche was no exception. The 911 at the time was the Type 993. It was this car that served as the basis for the racing programme.

The 993 GT2 featured a stripped-down interior, an integrated roll bar, and relatively minor adjustments to the body, with the main change being more pronounced, lighter wings to reduce weight and increase downforce. These wider wings were designed mainly to accommodate racing tyres. The suspension was modified, while the engine was fitted with KKK turbochargers to develop 450 hp. 

In parallel to this GT2 roadster, Porsche also developed the GT2 Evo capable of racing in the GT1 category in 1995 and then in the GT2 category in the following years.

The GT2 and GT2 Evo were entered in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995 and the BPR Global GT Series Championship in 1996, with subsequent participations in numerous national championships. Category victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1996 and 1997 proved that the GT2 from Weissach was a true thoroughbred.

The GT2R, the final 993 upgrade

In 1998, Porsche offered the 993 GT2R to a privileged handful of customers. While the Chrysler Viper GTS-Rs were turning into the new big beasts of the GT category and Porsche focused on its GT1 programme, the 993 GT2R was the pinnacle of the lineage and could be entered in GT2 at Le Mans and in numerous national championships. It was the final variant of the 993 GT2 competition car, a true sister of the 911 GT1 based on the 993 seen at Le Mans in 1996 and 1997.

The Porsche 911 (993) GT2R was powered by a 3.8-litre twin-ignition engine fitted with a pair of modified K24 turbos. Modifications to the cylinder head and pistons allowed this engine to develop just over 700 hp. The car was built primarily for endurance. This explains why it was given an enormous 100-litre fuel tank. 


The history of the 993 GT2R chassis WPOZZZ99ZWS393012

After an FFSA GT season marked by the domination of the Larbre Compétition team, the Porsche Sonauto-Levallois setup decided to set out to conquer the title again in 1998 with a Porsche 911 GT2R. The 911 Type 993 was optimized in the slightest details, and was a weapon of choice for the French racetracks. Jean-Pierre Jarier and François Lafon won at Nogaro in the Easter Cups, then again at Spa-Francorchamps, Charade and Dijon, sometimes winning both of the weekend’s races! This harvest of victories was to come to an abrupt end at Le Mans on October 18, 1998. 

In the first race, François Lafon took over the wheel from Jean-Pierre Jarier for the final 10 minutes. Under pressure from Marc Sourd who was hard on his heels, he conceded the lead and then came under attack from Larbre Competition's second car, Jean-Pierre Malcher's 964 Carrera Cup. It was then that François Lafon made a serious mistake. Spinning out of the Museum curve, the rear of the car hit the wall hard. The car was out of action and couldn’t line up for the second race on Sunday. Sonauto-Levallois left Le Mans with no points scored, and an unusable car. It was then that chassis WPOZZZ99ZWS393012 was ordered.

In his determination to fight for the FFSA GT title right to the end, François Lafon did everything in his power to prepare the new car in time for the last race of the season at Magny-Cours. He then asked Peter Klasen to reproduce the superb livery he had created on chassis WPOZZZ99ZWS393002. The brand-new car put up a sparkling performance at Magny-Cours, with a second place in Race 1 and victory in Race 2 – a result that allowed the French team to win the title! WPOZZZ99ZWS393012 continued to win races in 1999 and Sonauto-Levallois won the FFSA GT championship again.

Both the 993 GT2Rs used by Sonauto-Levallois were “hand-tuned” by Jean-Pierre Jarier. This is what the driver said about his years in FFSA GT racing: “François (Lafon) left me a free hand to tune the car as I wanted. I ordered the parts I wanted from Porsche to balance the car well. I decided everything by myself like a Formula 1 driver does, with my own, and not Porsche’s, settings. I had a blast driving it, beating the Vipers. When I quit F1 in 1984, I told myself I would never again have any pleasure racing cars. And then I had the Camaro in the Super Touring category, and this Porsche, which was a dream.”

Competition history

18/10/1998 - Magny-Cours - GT FFSA - 2nd and 1st - François Lafon / Jean-Pierre Jarier (n°2)

28/03/1999 - Le Mans - GT FFSA - 2nd and 3rd - Lucien Guitteny / Jean-Pierre Jarier (n°1)

18/04/1999 - Lédenon - GT FFSA - 3rd and 1st - François Lafon / Jean-Pierre Jarier (n°1)

24/05/1999 - Pau - GT FFSA - 2nd - François Lafon / Jean-Pierre Jarier (n°1)

25/07/1999 - Nogaro - GT FFSA - 2nd and 1st - Lucien Guitteny / Jean-Pierre Jarier (n°1)

12/09/1999 - Val de Vienne - GT FFSA - 3rd and disqualified - François Lafon / Jean-Pierre Jarier (n°1)

17/10/1999 - Magny-Cours - GT FFSA - 26th and 38th - François Lafon / Jean-Pierre Jarier (n°1)

31/10/1999 - Valence - GT FFSA - 1st - François Lafon / Jean-Pierre Jarier (n°1)


An Art car by Peter Klasen that has become iconic

Having been driven by a former Formula 1 driver and possessing a well-known French GT track record, the Porsche now being offered for sale is also distinguished by its livery. We owe it to Peter Klasen.

Peter Klasen, born in 1935 in Lübeck, is part of the Narrative Figuration movement. One of the embodiments of his work on the subject of industry (his favourite theme) is to be found in the livery of the GT2. The Porsche 911 GT2 Evo 2 is known as the “Bâche Klasen” (“Klasen Tarpaulin”) Porsche. It has similarities with the Porsche 962 CK6 prepared by Kremer for the 1990 24 Hours of Le Mans, which was also decorated by the artist. He also worked on a 1965 911, and more recently on the Ferrari 328 GTB and the Tesla Model S. But the Porsche GT2, with its broad white and red stripes partially covered by the optical illusion of a blue tarpaulin, is clearly the most emblematic example of his Art Car works.


Just three owners, certified by Porsche and very competitive in historic racing.

After a period spent in the collection of François Lafon, this unique GT2R was acquired in 2012 by a French collector who took part in track days and historical events such as Le Mans Story. Its third and current owner acquired it in 2017 via Ascott Collection. He entrusted it to the French Porsche specialist Crubilé Sport for servicing, to compete in historic races. It has since been entered in several top events: the Le Mans Classic in 2018, the Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille in 2019, and most recently the Estoril Classic 2021, in the Endurance Racing Legends series.

This GT2R is eligible for historic events such as the Endurance Racing Legends Series by Peter Auto, Masters Endurance Legends and Le Mans Classic where, as the ultimate evolution of the Porsche 993 GT2, it can clearly compete for victory in the GT2A class corresponding to the GT2's from 1995 to 1999. 

Beautiful, rare, competitive and offered at its fair price, it should attract the most discerning collectors and competitors.

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