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2008 MOSLER MT900R


  • Winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona in 2003 in the GTS class driven by João Barbosa, three times Daytona winner

  • Numerous wins in the Britcar GT Championship

  • The only GT2C with sequential paddle shift

  • An ultra-modern American GT offering a real alternative for historic racing

  • Fast, reliable, easy and cost effective to run

  • Eligible for Masters Endurance Legends in Europe and USA, Gulf Historic, Endurance Racing Legends & Le Mans Classic

  • Entered in Le Mans Classic 2023

















2002 upgraded to 2008 specs.

Chassis No.




GM LS7 - 7 litres


520 CH. @ 6200 T/MIN


Hewland 6-speed sequential paddle shift


1150 kg


A car with a contained weight, a powerful engine in a central rear position, and a slender line. This does not seem to be an American sports car at the time. And yet. This is the philosophy that has always guided Warren Mosler, the American businessman and former fund manager who created the eponymous Mosler brand in the 1990s. His most famous creation, the MT900, was successful in competition. The MT900R that Ascott Collection offers for sale today won its class at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 2003. It is chassis 002, the first one sold to a customer team!

Mosler MT900, the modern American GT

The Mosler brand, created under the impulse of Warren Mosler, was managed by Rod Trenne, who came from General Motors where he worked on the Corvette project. As head of engineering at Entech Services, he contributed to the prototypes and pre-production models of General Motors' Corvette C5 program.

The MT900 project initiated at the end of the 90s (MT for Mosler-Trenne, 900 for 900 kg) was to build a modern sports car (carbon fiber body) with a classic GT design and a 100% American engine (Chevrolet LS1 V8). A car approved for the road thought as a base for competition. 

In terms of pure design, we can acknowledge a certain proximity to the C5 Corvette, which is logical when we know Rod Trenne's links with the GM GT. But it is also clearly from the McLaren F1 design that the inspiration comes. The result is a GT that evokes - also - the curves of a Saleen S7, typical of the late 90s and early 2000s.

Named MT900 in road version, then derived in MT900S with serious evolutions, the car was also declined in race version: the MT900R! From the beginning, the idea was to develop a car approved for the road which resembles much more a race car than a civilized car... the comfort of the model of series is rudimentary, all having been thought for the competition.

The Mosler MT900R is 4.63 meters long, with a wheelbase of 2.775 meters and a width of 1.99 meters. A GT conceived in the philosophy of the Grand Touring category... but which has never received its GT3 or GT2 homologation to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans (read below).


Mosler MT900R 002, competition debut at Daytona and victory the following year!

The French team Perspective Racing is the first customer of the brand for the MT900R, and buys the 002 chassis. The purchase, made in October 2001, is followed by the first tests in November at Homestead. After this first run, the car made its competition debut at the 24 Hours of Daytona. The MT900R crossed the finish line in 13th place overall, fifth in its class! The Perspective Racing team led by Thierry Perrier then participated in the entire Grand-Am championship, with a final fifth place overall. The following year, the MT900R returns to Florida. It will then shine there!

In 2003, the 24 Hours of Daytona experienced a real revolution. After two editions marked by the victory of a GT (in 2000 and 2001) and the last year allowing open cars to enter (2002), the edition organized at the very beginning of February 2003 marked a breakthrough. Only closed cars were allowed from then on, reducing the number of participants. A small handful of cars from the former SRP II category reserved for open prototypes were still admitted.

From 73 cars in the previous year, only 45 were entered. Derek Bell, a great connoisseur of the event which he has won three times, said before the start that he had not seen such an open edition in at least 20 years.

The Mosler MT900R, which has moved up from the GT to the GTS category, was at the start of the race and was up against a rather eclectic field of competitors, including Chevrolet Corvettes, Porsche 996 GT3 RS, Saleen S7Rs and Ford Mustangs. We even found the very surprising Porsche 911 GT1 entered by Gunnar Jeannette (a genuine GT1 modified, of which the roof had previously been cut). 

The Saleen S7R was plagued by reliability problems and spent most of its time in the pits during the race. It could not claim a leading role in the race. On the Corvette side, the engine problems followed one another. Porsche was also gradually losing the different car that had been entered, either because of contacts on the track or because of technical problems. With an hour to go, the Morgan Dollar Motorsports Corvette was leading the race by 12 laps over the Perspective Racing Mosler. A repair to the gearbox caused the car to lose 9 laps. On the last pit stop, the gearbox control broke. The driver at the time (Rob Morgan) had to do a lap in fourth gear. The Corvette finally gave up the lead to the Mosler with 30 minutes to go. 

French victory in GTS, first success for João Barbosa! The Portuguese driver is a legend of the event, having won the overall on three occasions (2010, 2014, 2018). 

A series of wins in Europe in Britcar from 2012 to 2014

After a final appearance in the United States at the Homestead round in March 2003, the car was brought back to Europe where it made its Belcar debut. The idea of the Perspective Racing team is to enter it in the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps. Then, the MT900R uses the Spa round and takes advantage of the time of rolling of the tests but does not take part in the race. Then, after the FIA GT test day, the Mosler with the n°104 car took the start of the Belgian double clock lap. The car was 32nd on the grid but failed to see the finish line due to gearbox problems.

It is the last engagement with the structure of Thierry Perrier.

The MT900R chassis 002 had the right to a second life in the hands of Javier Morcillo. The Spaniard bought the car to engage it in Britcar from 2011. When he took possession of the car, he recounted his experience: "It's very easy to get in and out of the car, despite its exterior, and once you sit down, you realize that this is a car designed for racing from the first sketches. All the controls are within easy reach. You have perfect visibility, it's like being in an airplane.

The 2011 season got off to the best possible start at Silverstone with pole position, the fastest lap and a second place finish. The first victory came in 2012 at Snetterton. A success that would unlock the team of Javier Morcillo, who would then go on to win at Brands Hatch (in 2012) and Donington (2013), Silverstone, Donington again, Spa-Francorchamps and Oulton Park in 2014. 

The Mosler MT900R has never competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and has not obtained its GT3 homologation. Thierry Perrier tried to get the car homologated. When it was in the United States, he presented it to officials of the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO). On the circuit of Road Atlanta, the car was scrutinized but its windshield was judged too narrow to be in conformity with the regulation then in force. A detail that could not allow its homologation for Le Mans. Despite repeated requests to Mosler to change the size of the windshield and thus obtain the green light from the officials, the modifications were never made.

Succesful in Endurance Racing Legends and at Le Mans Classic

Acquired in 2021 by its current owner, this Mosler was entrusted to Scott Sport who prepared the car for historic racing. The engine and the gearbox were overhauled. The car was entered at Spa Classic and Le Mans Classic in 2020 where it was distinguished with two class wins. It then raced at Estoril Classic in 2023 where it proved to be reliable and competitive once again. It has been driven less than 2500 km since the end of its restoration and the crack-test and the tank are up to date.

Our opinion

This Mosler MT900R #002 offers in our opinion many advantages.

  • In terms of history, this is the Mosler that has the best track record, thanks in particular to its class victory at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 2003

  • It is the only GT2 eligible for ERL and Le Mans Classic with paddle shift (Porsche 997 GT3 RSR, Ferrari F430 GTC etc.. have sequential gearboxes controlled by a lever). This brings a real pleasure / ease of driving

  • Its operating cost is very reasonable thanks to the GM LS7 engine which offers a high potential of hours for a maintenance cost much lower than most other GT2

  • and a very important point to take into account at a time when the requests for entry regularly exceed the number of places on the grid, it offers a real alternative, which increases its chances of being selected. Moreover, this MOSLER ready to run is on the very selective entry list for Le Mans Classic 2023.


Racing history

05/01/2002 - Roar before 24, tests at Daytona - 42nd (Michel Neugarten / João Barbosa)

03/02/2002 - 24 Hours of Daytona - 13th (Michel Neugarten / João Barbosa / Thierry Perrier)

02/03/2002 - Nextel 250 Homestead - 4th, winner in GT (João Barbosa / Thierry Perrier)

23/03/2002 - California 400 Miles - withdrawal, clutch problem (João Barbosa / Thierry Perrier)

04/20/2002 - Phoenix 200 Mile - 8th (João Barbosa / Thierry Perrier)

06/23/2002 - Watkins Glen 6 Hours - 21st (João Barbosa / Thierry Perrier)

07/04/2002 - Daytona 250 Miles Paul Revere - 9th (João Barbosa / Thierry Perrier)

09/08/2002 - Watkins Glen 250 Miles - 7th (João Barbosa)

01/09/2002 - Virginia 500 Miles - 14th (Michel Neugarten / João Barbosa / Thierry Perrier)

09/15/2002 - Mont-Tremblant 6 Hours - withdrawal (Michel Neugarten / João Barbosa / Jérôme Policand)

10/11/2002 - Daytona Finale 3 Hours - withdrawal (João Barbosa / Jérôme Policand)

05/01/2003 - Roar before 24, tests at Daytona - 7th (Michel Neugarten / João Barbosa / Jérôme Policand)

02/02/2003 - 24 Hours of Daytona, 9th, GTS winner (Michel Neugarten / João Barbosa / Jérôme Policand / Andy Wallace)

01/03/2003 - 250 mile Homestead - 6th (Michel Neugarten / João Barbosa)

08/06/2003 - Belcar Spa Euro Race - non-starter (Michel Neugarten / Angelo Barretto / Thierry Perrier)

07/08/2003 - FIA GT Test Spa-Francorchamps - 17th - (Michel Neugarten / João Barbosa)

07/27/2003 - 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps - withdrawal (Michel Neugarten / João Barbosa / Angelo Barretto / T. Perrier)

26/03/2011 - Britcar GT Championship Silverstone - 2nd, pole position (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

16/04/2011 - Britcar GT Championship Rockingham - 3rd, pole position (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

08/05/2011 - Britcar GT Donington - retirement, pole position (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

12/06/2011 - Britcar GT Thruxton, 11th, pole position (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

26/06/2011 - Britcar GT Championship Spa - 6th (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

24/07/2011 - Britcar GT Championship Castle Combe - withdrawal, pole position (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

14/08/2011 - Britcar GT Snetterton - withdrawal (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

01/10/2011 - Silverstone 24 Hours - retirement (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano / Paul White / Calum Lockie)

24/03/2012 - Britcar GT Championship Silverstone - winner, pole position (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano / Paul White)

21/04/2012 - Britcar GT Championship Donington - 3rd, pole position (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano / Paul White)

12/05/2012 - Britcar GT Championship Snetterton - winner (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano / Paul White)

02/06/2012 - Britcar GT Championship Brands Hatch - winner, pole position (Javier Morcillo / Paul White)

23/06/2012 - Britcar GT Oulton Park - 13th (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano / Paul White)

15/07/2012 - Britcar Endurance Championship Brands Hatch - winner (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

19/08/2012 - Britcar GT Snetterton - 5th (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano / Paul White)

23/09/2012 - Britcar 24 Hour Silverstone - 6th (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano / Paul White / Adam Sharpe)

03/11/2012 - Britcar GT Championship Donington - 13th, winner in Class 1 (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano / Paul White)

13/04/2013 - Britcar GT Donington - winner (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

11/05/2013 - Britcar GT Silverstone - 8th (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

01/06/2013 - Britcar GT Rockingham - non-starter (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

28/07/2013 - Britcar GT Brands Hatch - 4th, winner in Class 1 (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

22/09/2013 - Britcar Silverstone 1000 Kilometres - 4th, pole position (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano / Paul White)

02/11/2013 - Britcar GT Championship Donington - 2nd (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

12/04/2014 - Britcar GT Championship Silverstone - 2nd and winner, 1 pole position (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

11/05/2014 - Britcar GT Championship Donington - winner and 6th, 1 pole position (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

08/06/2014 - Britcar GT Championship Spa - winner and 11th (Class 1 winner), 2 pole positions (J Morcillo / M Cintrano)

05/07/2014 - Britcar GT Championship Oulton Park - retirement and winner, 1 pole position (J Morcillo / M Cintrano)

09/08/2014 - Britcar GT Championship Snetterton - 4th and retirement, 1 pole position (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

20/09/2014 - Britcar GT Championship Silverstone - 3rd and winner (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

01/10/2014 - Britcar GT Championship Donington - 2 wins, 2 pole positions (Javier Morcillo / Manuel Cintrano)

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