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Victory at the Le Mans 24 hours  of 1986 class IMSA GTP
PORSCHE air cooled engine just rebuilt
A regular entering  Group C Series
Ready to race in C1B class Group C Series and Le Mans Classic 2018
Developed by Andrian Newey and powered by Porsche

The MARCH 85 G was developed by the celebrated British engineer Adrian Newey, whose cars have clocked up an impressive number of victories over the years. After designing the famous MARCH racing cars for endurance racing, he enabled the Williams, McLaren and, more recently, Red Bull teams to win numerous World Championship titles in Formula 1.  To date, his Formula 1 cars have won no less than 10 World Championship titles, the most recent one being no later than 2013.


Back  in 1982, Adrian Newey started by developing the March 82 G. The car immediately created a sensation by winning the IMSA GTP category of the world endurance championship outright, the very year of its launch, and again the following year.


In 1985, a new car, the MARCH 85 G, saw the light of day. Ten cars were built in all to take part in endurance racing. Only four of them were fitted with the famous Porsche engine inherited from the works Porsche 956s. The 2.8 liter mono turbo Porsche engine was mated to the gearbox which equips the Porsche 962, a veritable model of robustness and user-friendliness.


The MARCH 85 G 06 is the best-known of the series, having marked itself out in 1985 in the United States with John Kalagian's team before taking part in the 1986 endurance racing world championship with the Richard Cleare team.


Its feats of arms include a victory in the category IMSA GTP at the Le Mans 24 hours race of 1986 (14th overall) ahead of  the works Nissans competing in the same category and also the works Porsche 956s and the XJR-type Jaguars, amongst others.  The race-team included the young French driver Lionel Robert who thus obtained a fine reward for his first participation in the Le Mans 24 hours race.


Ready to race - Engine rebuilt

The car is ready to race. Fuel cell and crack test have been done in 2016.  


The Porsche engine has been rebuilt by Crubilé Sport. The rebuilt of the engine gives 60 hours of engine potential.


The car comes with various spare parts and numerous other items, in particular the (long tailed) bonnet from the 1986 Le Mans 24 hours race and several cartons of technical documents concerning car settings for different race-tracks.


In 2015, Ascott Collection sold this particular car to the current owner who entered the MARCH in several races:   Spa Classic, Grand Prix de L'Age d'Or, Le Mans Classic and the  10,000 in 2016 and Jarama Classic in 2017 by Peter Auto. In 2018, it raced again in the group C series and at Le mans Classic
It is now again offered for sale and it is ready to compete in Sebring Classic, Daytona Classic, the  Group C series  and Le Mans Classic.


Price on request

Photos Credit: Luc Joly, CM Arte


Technical specifications




Chassis number








: 85G

: 1985

: 06

: Aluminum unibody and honeycomb

: Fiber 

: Porsche 2.8 liter mono-turbo air cooled

: 690  hp  @ 7,200 rev / min (turbo pressure at 1.4  bars)

: Porsche 962

: 850 kg

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