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1990 LANCIA DELA INTEGRALE 16V  Ex Didier Auriol


Lancia Delta Integrale 16V

Official Martini Racing car driven by Didier Auriol

Chassis 501631 Road plate TO51889N

Lancia has a full track record in rallying, mostly built in the 70s and 80s, then in the early 90s. To accumulate 10 World Constructors' Championship titles, Lancia has entered legendary cars  : the Rally in Group B, the venerable Fulvia HF or the terrible Stratos. A single car of the brand can claim to have won 6 world titles  : the Lancia Delta. Ascott Collection now offers you the opportunity to acquire an authentic model entered in the World Rally Championship in 1990 and driven by Didier Auriol.


Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16V

After three successful years with the Delta in 1987, 1988 and 1989, Lancia does not relax its efforts and wants to continue to mark the world of rallying with its presence. The Integrale 16V takes over from the Integrale for the 1990 season. The adoption of a cylinder head with 4 valves per cylinder, with as block the 4 cylinder with two overhead camshafts well known in the Fiat group, promises a new harvest of victories.

The car offered for sale here corresponds to this development launched by Lancia. It therefore has a light alloy cylinder head (with a cast iron block), with a toothed belt which drives the two camshafts. The switch to 16 valves, then the addition of a new Garett T3 turbo with air-to-air intercooler now gives the Lancia Integrale a power of 200 hp, against the 185 hp. embarked until then.


1990 promises to be a new demonstration.

The new Lancia began its career in January and Didier Auriol immediately won the Monte-Carlo (with the TO 36177N chassis). Throughout the 28 stages, he made the power of the beauty's four-wheel drive speak for itself and won with a little less than a minute ahead of “  El Matador  »Carlos Sainz (Toyota Celica GT-Four). For the second round of the season, in March, head to Portugal.


TO 51889N, the LANCIA of the Rally of Portugal driven by Didier Auriol

It was during this rally that Didier Auriol drove the TO 51889N chassis offered for sale. It will also be the only entry in the World Rally Championship of this chassis, like most of the examples, which generally only participated in one event.


This 1990 Rally of Portugal is only the second meeting of the year, and yet it is the high point of the season.  ! The Lancia drivers achieve a quintuplet: Massimo Biasion wins ahead of Didier Auriol while Juha Kankkunen, Dario Cerrato and finally Carlos Bica follow. Two small driving errors deprived Didier Auriol of the victory. He lost nearly two minutes on his Italian teammate… but left Estoril at the top of the general classification.

After this exceptional round, the car was no longer entered in 1990. It was sold to the Grifone team (HF Grifone SRL). The team had already entered Lancia Rallies in Italy in the past and in the 1990s became a Toyota satellite team. In 1991, the Grifone structure therefore recovered the TO 51889N chassis to enter it in the Italian Rally Championship (Campionato Italiano Rally Nazionali). A second place and two victories are signed with this chassis, and Piero Longhi becomes champion  !

Configured Deltona (the peak of developments for a Lancia Delta at the time), this Lancia HF returned to its original configuration before ending its sports career between France and Italy. She took part in the Rallye d'Antibes, then in 1993 won the Rally Valli del Bormida.

The line of Lancia Delta is exceptional, and will bring six titles of World Constructors' Champion to the Italian brand, from 1987 to 1992 without stopping. During this period, four pilot titles will also be won with Juha Kankkunen (1987 and 1991) and Massimo Biasion (1988 and 1989). In total, the Lancia Delta have won 46 World Championship rallies.


The model offered for sale here by Ascott Collection helped write the legend of the Delta, and participated in Lancia's unprecedented quintuplet in Portugal. A symbolic car of the power of the Italian brand, still the most successful rally to date. With its Martini Racing livery, it is a true factory Delta and was not mistreated for years in national events.


03/1990 - Rally Portugal  - Didier Auriol / Bernard Occelli - Martini Racing - 2nd (n ° 4)
03/1991 - Rally del Ciocco e Valle del Serchio - Piero Longhi / Pietro Carraro - 2nd (n ° 9)
04/1991 - Rally Valle d'Aosta - Piero Longhi / Pietro Carraro - winner (n °  7)
05/1991 - Targa Florio Rally di Sicilia - Piero Longhi / Pietro Carraro - winner (n °  7)
07/1991 - Rally di Limone Piemonte - Piero Longhi / Pietro Carraro - winner (n °  ?)
10/1991 - Rally Città di Torino - Piero Longhi / Pietro Carraro - winner (n °  ?)
11/1992 - Rally della Lanterna - Ramón Ferreyros / Raffaele Ynzenga - 3rd (n ° 4)
05/1993 - Rallye d'Antibes - Rallye d'Azur - Jean-Manuel Beuzelin / Jean Bourgoin - 6th (n ° 19)
1993 - Rally Valli del Bormida - Maurizio Ferrecchi / Gianfranco Imerito - winner (n °  6)


Technical characteristics




Chassis No.









: 1990

:  501631

: Steel

: Steel 

: Lancia (4 cylinders in line) Turbo

: Officially 330 horsepower

: 6 speeds

: 1200 kg

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