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1956 AUSTIN HEALEY 100 BN2 - Matching numbers - one of the 519s that received the "Le Mans" kit

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The Austin Healey 100-4 BN2 is in many ways the epitome of British sports cars

The elegance and sobriety of its bodywork from the 1950s, combined with good driving qualities, immediately project its driver into a refined world of communicative pleasure. BN2 has never known disgrace. Since its inception, it has retained the affection of car enthusiasts until today when it has now positioned itself as one of the most iconic collector cars.


In the history of the Austin Healey brand, the BN1 and BN2 series were the first "  Big healey  »Produced. The BN2 retains the superb line of its predecessor designed by Gerry Coker but its road performance was significantly improved thanks in particular to the adoption of a 4-speed gearbox. While 10,000 BN1 were produced, the BN2 was produced only 3,924 copies ...

Special sports series such as the M (to refer to the 24 Hours of Le Mans race) and S which were produced in very limited numbers helped to forge the notoriety of this model apart in the Healey galaxy. Only 519 BN2s received the "Le Mans" kit which was marketed by dealers and which allowed the BN2s to evolve towards the specificities of the M models.   

A matching numbers copy having received the M kit (Le Mans) in period

The Austin Healey BN2 presented by Ascott Collection is a “  matching numbers  », Original left-hand drive.  Delivered in 1956 in Germany, it therefore has its original engine and bodywork. It is one of the 519 BN2s having benefited from the assembly of the "Le Mans" kit after its delivery as evidenced by its current configuration and its identity card from the Austin heaey register. The chassis, engine and body plates are also clearly the original ones.


Kept for 35 years by one of its owners

The chain of owners is practically interrupted from the beginning  : Delivered in 1956 in Düsseldorf (Germany) according to the copy of the manufacturer's sheet obtained from the Austin Healey register, it became the property of Mr. Sixto Sanchez living in Seguin (Texas USA). It was therefore imported into the United States between 1956 and 1968. After the death of Mr. Sanchez, it was acquired on March 29, 1968 by Mr. Dewey W. Davidson Jr. living in the same city as Mr. Sanchez (Seguin - Texas USA) . The latter sold it on February 2, 1976 to Mr. Vars Smith living in Liverpool in the state of New York (USA).


Remarkably, Mr. Vars Smith kept this BN2 for 35 years from 1976 to 2011. Around the 90s, he decided to enter his BN2 in historic races in the United States. For that he did a certain number of works in order to prepare her for the circuit.

The preparation "  race ”consisted mainly of the addition of a roll bar, a tank approved for competition and the replacement of the drum brakes by disc brakes. Thanks to its M "Le Mans" kit, the engine received the preparation allowing it to develop a power of 110 horsepower instead of the original 90 horsepower. On the track, it looked like a 100 S with its front hood updated and the absence of its original bumpers. This BN2 therefore has the particularity of being accompanied by its "log-book" retracing the history of the races in which it was entered from 1996 to 2006.


In 2011, it was acquired by a French gentleman driver who imported it from the United States to France and did a number of works in order to register it. She therefore has a French registration card.

In March 2014, Ascott Collection acquired it and began restoration work. In addition to the restoration of its bodywork and the new paint, this BN2 received a number of new elements such as the rear suspension blades, all fluids, filters, the original fuel tank, the windshield,  the tachometer, the oil temperature indicator as well as 4 rims with 72 spokes.

A number of subtle and almost invisible modifications dating from the period when this BN2 was leased to the United States have been kept in order to preserve this Healey's special history and to benefit from a car prepared for Rally in the spirit of the 100 S.

Thus, the disc brakes which significantly improve the quality of braking and its endurance have been retained as well as the preparation of the engine, which in turn provides a surplus of torque and appreciable power for driving pleasure. With its dashboard adorned with several pressure and temperature indicators, this Austin Healey BN2 definitely immerses its driver in the world of 1950s rallies ...

She is now ready to make her next owner happy.




Technical characteristics




Chassis No.

Engine no.

No bodywork







: Austin Healey

: 100-4 BN2

: 1956

: BN2-L / 230888

: 1B / 230888-M

: 12350

: Tubular

: Steel and aluminum

: 2,660 liters in line

: 110 ch.

: 4 speeds + overdrive

: 980 kg

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