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1957 ACECA AC BRISTOL - Road registered "RB25" then  "49VMT"  - Extensive  racing history at Brands-Hatch, Silverstone, 1957 Tour de France, Goodwood, etc ... Body-off  restoration in 2016.

Silverstone 1958 R Brightman
AC ACECA BRISTOL Ascott Collection 2_edited_edited
AC ACECA BRISTOL Ascott Collection 8
ACECA BE621 12
ACECA BE621 13
AC ACECA Bristol Tour de France 9.png
Badge Tour de France 1957
AC ACECA Bristol Tour de France 6.png
AC ACECA Bristol Tour de France 8.png
AC ACECA Bristol Tour de France 1.png
AC ACECA Bristol Tour de France 2.png
AUTOSPORT Avril 1958 2
AUTOSPORT Avril 1958 1
AC ACECA RB25 1.png
AC ACECA RB25 2.png
AC ACECA RB25 3.png
ACOC SPRINT 27.4.58 Ron Brightman
1960 Goodwood TT Program
AC ACECA 49VMT 3.png
AC ACECA 49VMT 4.png
  • Very well-know AC with in period extensive racing history in the UK and at 1957 Tour de France Automobile

  • One of 171 AC ACECA Bristol built

  • Body-off restoration in 2016

  • Eligible for  Tour Auto, Mille Miglia, Goodwood

The most proficient and successful AC ACECA BRISTOL

The AC ACECA BRISTOL is a rarer  car than any of the ACs. Only 171 ACECA Bristols were built in their day, and  only several cars has been raced in period, making it a rare specimen of a model which is very seldom offered for sale.  This particular car chassis BE621 is  the most proficient and successful ACECA BRISTOL of the ACECAs  built  at that time.

BE621 is very well-known to the AC ACECA BRISTOL Register. Built the 24th August 1957, between 1957  and 1962, Ron Brightman and Hugh Dibley lined up in it in numerous races at Snetterton, Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Goodwood, including the celebrated 1957  Tour de France Automobile. During Ron Brightman ownership it was road registered R25. When Ron Brightman sold BE621 he kept the registration number and gave it to his new acquisition, a Lister Jaguar. When Hugh Dibley bought BE621 it received the road registration 49 VMT, it still has today. It was originally finished in Svecia Red with black  interior. As part of its first restoration done in 1980, it was painted light gray  and fitted with red  interior.  

In period racing history

From  1957 to  1959: owner and pilot  Ron brightman

Road registration  RB25

31 Aug 1957        Goodwood

07 Sep 1957       Silverstone

15 to 21 Sept 1957   Tour de France Automobile DNF

05 Oct 1957        Silverstone

13 Oct 1957         Outlon Park     1st

26 Dec 1957        Brands hatch

29 Mar 1958        Mallory park   Hit Bank

20 Apr 1958        Mallory park

20 Apr 1958        Silverstone       2nd

26 May 1958            Mallory park 

01 June 1958             Snetterton

06 June 1958        Silverstone         2nd

08 June 1958            Brands hatch

June 14, 1958             Goodwood           2 x 1st

June 29, 1958            Snetterton                     

July 12, 1958              Goodwood           4th

04 Aug 1958        Mallory park      4th

09 Aug 1958        Snetterton          1st in class

30 Aug 1958              Shelsley walsh

20 Sep 1958             Silverstone

27 Sep 1958              Silverstone


From  1959 to 1964: owner and pilot  Hugh Dibley who later raced of the famous Howmet Turbine eXperimental at Brands Hatch and Le Mans.

Road registration  49VMT

June 27, 1959   Goodwood       2nd

16 Apr 1960     Rufforth

07 May 1960   goodwood

19 May 1960   Snetteron

03 July 1960   Brands hatch

09 July 1960   Goodwood

06 Aug 1960     Snetterton World Cup Race

27 Aug 1960     Silverstone 21 lap Relay

June 11, 1962     Goodwood

A body-off  restoration in 2016

BE621  has been the subject of a body off restoration in 2016 and is in excellent condition. The stunning, high quality light gray   paintwork is flawless, done over an extremely straight body with excellent door, bonnet, and boot fit. Photos exist of the body in bare metal during the restoration which depicts an original and extremely straight shell.  

The interior was also restored, and has been trimmed in very high quality, soft, red  leather on the door panels, seats, dash, and rear firewall. The red  carpets are in very good condition. All the gauges have been restored, and are original Smiths units. This example is fitted with racing style safety belts and a nice wood rimmed steering wheel.

The engine was rebuilt in 2016 and it has just run for 1,000 miles. The engine compartment has also been restored, and could be casually shown with pride. The inner fender well aluminum has been replaced, and body supports, suspension pieces, radiator, and valve cover all painted correct semi-gloss black. The headers have been freshly ceramic coated, and are pristine. A new wiring harness was fitted as part of the restoration work, along with new water hoses. Nordic air filters sit atop the triple carburators.  

The underside shows every sign of the  body off restoration, and is free of rust or obvious damage repairs. Correct finishes are applied where appropriate, and the results are very impressive.

Mechanically, the car in very good condition. During the current ownership period, from late 1993 onward, the car was used in several prestigious events such as the Colorado Grand and California Mille, among others, and kept in careful storage at Fantasy Junction when not in use. The engine was rebuilt by Apex Automotive Engineering, and records are present to confirm this work. The engine starts easily and makes excellent power with minimal smoke. The clutch and transmission both operate as they should. This example is fitted with the much more user friendly front disc brakes which came into mainstream production in 1957, an impressive engineering achievement for the era.

The clutch and transmission both operate as they should. This example is fitted with the much more user friendly front disc brakes which came into mainstream production in 1957, an impressive engineering achievement for the era.


As this example has participated in the 1957 Tour de France Automobile, it is highly eligible for the Tour Auto optic 2000. As a 1957 year of production, it is eligible for the Mille Miglia and many other prestigious events around the globe.


With the car comes a very complete file of historic documents.  The ACECA on offer affords a rare opportunity to acquire a ready-to-race car with high collector value thanks to its clearly and fully documented  history.

Price on request

Technical specifications

: AC

: ACECA BRISTOL (First  series)

: 1957

: BE621

: Steel

: Aluminum

: Bristol 6 cylinders, 2 liters

: 140 bhp  @ 6.800 rev / min

: 4 speed  + overdrive

: 965  kg




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